Boo! Just kidding, braces aren’t scary, silly! Why else do you think they made October “Orthodontic Awareness Month”? It is probably because, as the weather gets colder, and the big candy day looms closer, there are lots of things to learn and remember about braces and Invisalign. Firstly, get excited, Halloween should be fun for everyone, even people with braces! But, it can also be a good time to remind you that whether you have Damon metal braces, Damon clear braces, or Invisalign invisible braces, candy can and should be enjoyed around Halloween time, so long as you take care to cut crunchy/chewy treats into small pieces that won’t break braces and cause emergencies, and brush very well after eating sweet/sugary treats that could stick to braces and cause cavities.

Secondly, there are lots of folks out there that would love to also share in the joy of Halloween, but can’t, because they are overseas serving in the military. If you have any leftover or extra candy you would like to share with them, please bring it in as soon as you can, and we will see that they get nice care packages from us, and we’ll let them know that our patients at Forest Park Orthodontics are thinking about them. For the past few years, we have partnered with Operation Gratitude to ensure the process runs smoothly and we are happy to partner with them again this year!

Lastly, with the hectic start of school well behind us, October is a great time for new patients to come in for an initial orthodontics consult, and to inform anyone of the benefits of braces or Invisalign. For instance, did you know that kids as young as 7 years old might need braces? Adults as old as 107 years old could benefit from braces! Also, as the fall is finally upon us, everyone participating in a contact sport this season should be wearing a mouthguard, whether or not they have braces! It’s important! Come in soon to learn these things and more, and what you can do to get that perfect smile you’ve always been wanting! Happy Orthodontic Awareness Month, everyone!